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Anyone can use information on internet to train their AI models for free—Microsoft AI head

Mustafa Suleyman, AI chief at Microsoft, stated that most online content can be freely used to train artificial intelligence models without permission or compensation. His comments come amid ongoing debates and lawsuits over AI companies using copyrighted material to train their models without explicit permission. Several major publishers and authors have sued Microsoft and its AI partner OpenAI for alleged copyright infringement.
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Are you smarter than an LLM?
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I have to do?
Your task is to first guess the secret word and then get the Wizard to say it.
What is the secret word?
It's an important word contained in today's news.
How do I guess the secret word?
Try various words and ask the Wizard if it's correct. The Wizard may or may not help but there is a hint picture that shows if you are on right track.
I see jumbled hint picture. What does that mean?
If your query exactly matches the secret word, the picture will be perfect. Otherwise, if your query contains the secret word or other similar words, the picture will be less jumbled. More similar your query is to the secret word, better the hint.
How do I get the Wizard to say the secret word once I know what it is?
The Wizard is using a large language model that's been instructed to not say the word. Try tricking it using various prompting techniques.
The game is very hard/easy?
The difficulty level varies from day to day based on the news and other factors. We plan to support choosing a difficulty level, stay tuned. In the meantime, come back tomorrow for a new game!
I found a bug. What should I do?
Please report it to
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