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Fully Autonomous Security for Intelligent Defense
Harness the power of Gen AI to craft tailored insights and workflows for your unique security needs
Our investors
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The four steps to fully autonomous

Four steps to fully autonomous
The Most Adaptive
Security Co-pilot
Adapts to your environment
Covers entire gamut of security
Speaks your language
Learns from your actions
Thinks like you
In real-time
What's possible with Simbian​
Security simplified is security controlled​
Without Simbian
  • Sad emoji Hard to meet custom requirements with off-the-shelf products.
  • Sad emoji Hard to retain knowledge across team transitions
  • Sad emoji Manual expensive response needed to automated threats.
  • Sad emoji Siloed visibility
  • Sad emoji Vendor lock-in, difficult migration
  • Sad emoji Months to build a playbook
With Simbian
  • Happy emoji Unified security control for everyone
  • Happy emoji Interactive natural language interface
  • Happy emoji Interact with products across vendors
  • Happy emoji AI powered knowledge powerhouse.
  • Happy emoji Grounded in hallucination-free TrustedLLM™
  • Happy emoji Maintain everlasting always-improving best practices

Why Simbian ?

Secure better, save money

Adapts to your environment and personal needs

Vendor neutral, cross platform.
Learns from you and your org to personalize recommendations

Covers all security functions

Identify, Prevent, Detect, Respond, Recover, Govern

Designed for all

Every person from CISO to frontline practitioner.

Includes guidance on next steps

Suggests next steps based on context, your history, your org, Simbian knowledge

Innovate , automate, succeed
Automatically create tactical steps to meet the strategic goal.
Increase in security visibility
Faster response
Better detection
Hear from our
〝Security is a domain of ever-increasing complexity. Every day a security incident brings new variables. Simbian is building a fully autonomous security platform. We are excited to partner with them as it allows us to be strategic in our security goals, leaving mechanics of security to Simbian.〞
Sergey Gorbunov
Co-founder at Axelar
Company Logo
security, and control in
one platform
Harness the power of Gen AI to craft tailored insights and workflows for your unique security needs.

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